Jack Salvato

How do we get started?

Depending on your unique situation, the process will vary, but generally this is what we will do:

The process

  • Mutual nondisclosure agreement.
  • One hour free consultation where I listen to determine your needs and the level I can assist you.
  • Complete a series of questions to determine your needs, your objectives, current status in terms of concept to commercialization, your financial status and support etc...
  • Working with you write the extremely important business plan from which everything else will flow.
  • Provide my years of experience to achieve fixed and defined objectives and an estimate of my fees.



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Strategic Business Services

Business Start-up
Leadership into the unknown is what I deliver.

We work together to discover your goals and passions for the why, when, and what of your idea.

  • What are your 1 year, 5 year and 10 year objectives?
  • What need does it fulfill for you and potential customers?
  • Help build your team that will achieve a profitable company for you and all of your stakeholders.

Starting a business is like chess. You can learn the moves in 10 minutes and spend a lifetime getting it right. I have over 30 years getting it right and bring that to you.

I have been creative and successful in the biological, pharmaceutical, computer (Pen/touch), information (medical information flow), and plumbing industries (new products and marketing and sales) to name a few.

Product Development

I provide the technical expertise for developing your ideas:

As a scientist and businessman I have navigated through the strategic and tactical planning stages for R&D, quality assurance, regulatory, patent, scale up for manufacturing, project and product management, writing strategic business plans, marketing, sales (both retail and wholesale}, merger and acquisition, from startups to expansion of existing companies.
I do concept to commercialization and everything in between.

Business Development

  • What form of business is best for you? Sole proprietorship, LLC, Partnership, or Corporation
  • What target markets do you see…I help you enlarge your scope of potential customers
  • Branding for each market. I had the opportunity to brand the exact same product into two different markets utilizing distinct packaging, pricing, marketing, promotions and channels of trade. Combined sales went up 10% to a little over $40 million a year.
  • Product introduction: After overseeing clinical trials I introduced a product into the veterinary market that was priced 25% over other products for the equine industry. I learned the needs and problems of the veterinarian and in double blind studies were able to answer THEIR needs. It did not hurt that I was at 90% manufacturing profit and did $1 million in sales in first year. I also did packaging, package insert instructions and lectures to manufactures representatives.

You will need a staff to assist you in doing what you cannot do. I may assume some interim positions to get you started. You will need this decided before looking for funding.


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