Jack Salvato

How do we get started?

Depending on your unique situation, the process will vary, but generally this is what we will do:

The process

  • Mutual nondisclosure agreement.
  • One hour free consultation where I listen to determine your needs and the level I can assist you.
  • Complete a series of questions to determine your needs, your objectives, current status in terms of concept to commercialization, your financial status and support etc...
  • Working with you write the extremely important business plan from which everything else will flow.
  • Provide my years of experience to achieve fixed and defined objectives and an estimate of my fees.



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Strategic Business Services

Business Plans

A business plan provides leadership and guidance into the unknown or unfamiliar
The plan is written for: you, partners, staff and everyone involved so that there is a clear and precise picture of where you are and where you want to go. What is your strategic and tactical objectives, both of which are expanded in marketing and sales plans.

A business plan must provide answers to:

  • Why this product/idea and why you
  • What is the need and how are you going to fulfill that need
  • What expertise do you and your staff have that will provide security for lenders, vendors and customers that you can achieve goals
  • Who will manufacture and the many other questions that we address as we complete the business plan.
  • If funding is required what is the best approach.

I have written business plans in the veterinary, human, computer pen/touch where you slide your credit card and then sign plate – first customers of NCR system were the United States Post Office and Meijer’s, nutritional, plumbing, medical information process, and home health care.

Marketing Plans

Some of the questions we answer are:

  • What profit margin is required to meet your needs and the needs of a growth business?
  • What is the actual cost of goods?
  • Will this be a one product company or are other products or extensions planed?
  • What is projected budget for marketing and does profit margin cover these costs?
    Is it a new untested market or are there other competitors already there and if so why buy from you and not others?
  • Who is your target audience? Have you done primary or secondary research? How many units do you project to see? At what sales prices are you projecting and why?
  • Are there selling cycles, regulatory issues, legal issues, can you patent or copyright and does this give you true protection?
  • How and where will you advertise, brand and sell your product?

Business Analysis

A financial instrument called a pro forma with a monthly first year projection, a three year and five year projections if looking for funding with loans, partners, or investors by issuing stock.

  • Who is your staff and are they prepared with experience to achieve required demands of your business?
  • Have you any letters of intent (LOI) from committed customers? Why do you think you will sell the projected units and on what do you base your numbers?

New Product Opportunities

I will perform an analysis of your R&D, manufacturing and distribution projections and recommend additional products or markets that will increase your profits. This skill is honed with years of experience and a creative mind.

New Market Opportunities

I will guide you through an analysis of addition markets or spin-offs that will utilize core competence and increase profits.

While working for a larger company I presented the rational for expanding into the retail market of a product already doing $100 million in medical markets. After a few select radio ads and placement in grocery stores sales increased 25% in first year even with limited distribution and now exceeds over $750 million in yearly sales.

Noted as a creative visionary I have increased profits of clients or companies by identifying opportunities missed by others.


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